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April/May Trivia Prize Pack

PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 14:34 +0000
by jabba359
Another month, another change to the trivia prize packs. I'm going to be doing a single prize pack every two months, so each prize pack will cover two months worth of entries. I'm doing this to shift some prizes over to the Facebook Dojo page. This is to reflect the growing Usagi fan membership over on Facebook while still rewarding those that make the effort to participate here as well.

As always, thanks to Stan for all the items he has donated for these giveaways and for signing the piles of stuff I bring him at conventions. The giveaways wouldn't be possible without his generosity. More thanks goes out to all the artists who have been kind enough to provide original sketches for the sketch cards. Finally, thanks to all of you for participating and making this a great forum.

So, how does one win a prize pack? Here's how:

*Participate in the weekly trivia as you normally do.
*The winner or winners (if more than one) of the weekly trivia will be entered into the monthly prize drawing. If you win a weekly trivia question and don't want to be entered into the prize giveaway, just PM me and I'll exclude you from the randomizer at the end of the month.
*The winners of the trivia that ends during the prize months are eligible. If a trivia question ends on a following month, you will be entered into the next prize pack pool.
*As people win the weekly trivia contests, I'll update the list of all the winners (in the order they won) and then use a random number generator ( to select the Prize Pack winner.
*I will announce in this thread who the prize pack winner is and contact them via PM for shipping info. International participants are welcome to play along.
*Participants can not win two prize packs in a row, but they can still play the weekly trivia any weekly wins on the month after a win will not count as an entry into the monthly prize pack. Back to back wins are rare, but I want to make sure that with the small number of players we have, the prizes get spread out a bit. Thanks for understanding.
*These rules are subject to change on subsequent months if there are bugs to work out.

Here's what's up for grabs (remember, if it's signed in the picture, then the item you receive will be signed as well). Items are not to scale :D :


About the artist - This month's original Usagi sketch card is by Travis Hanson, who always asks me for a blank sketch card every time I see him at a convention so he can contribute to the prize packs. Travis is the Eisner nominated creator of web comic The Bean, described as an "epic fantasy tale of a dishwasher." Besides his work on The Bean, Travis has written several other books, is a frequent artist on various comic conventions' program cover art, and contributed to The Sakai Project (page 132). He recently shot up in popularity with his Dungeons and Dragons themed comic strip book called Life of the Party: The Realities of an RPG'er, which recently had a successful Kickstarter to fund the second book.

April/May entries:
1. Eltanin
2. Gaffey
3. Steve Hubbell
4. Gaffey
5. Maka
6. Steve Hubbell
7. Trevis Woods
8. Gaffey

Re: April/May Trivia Prize Pack

PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 12:48 +0000
by jabba359
Randomness achieved! This package will be going to Gaffey!

35 April May prize random.jpg
35 April May prize random.jpg (42.3 KiB) Viewed 552 times

Re: April/May Trivia Prize Pack

PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 15:13 +0000
by Maka
Congrats Gaffey!

Re: April/May Trivia Prize Pack

PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 17:11 +0000
by Gaffey
Thanks! 8)