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UY #146: The Thief and the Kunoich step-by-step look

A look inside the art by Stan Sakai

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Postby Steve Hubbell » Sat Oct 25, 2014 12:03 +0000

Stan Sakai wrote:3 hours ago

I finished the story for UY #146: The Thief and the Kunoichi. As usual, here is a step-by-step look at one of the panels. Many of you are already acquainted with my process. The art is on 2-ply 500 series Strathmore bristol, cold press. The overall image area for the page is 10x15 inches on 11x17 inch board. This is a one-third tier panel and measures about 4 7/8x10.
I'll do the cover this weekend, and send it off to Dark Horse on Monday, Brendan H. Wright.


I start off with very loose rough pencils, using a 2H mechanical lead and tighten with an HB.


Lettering guide lines with an Aames Lettering guide set at 3.5. This is a little bigger than most lettering. I set it at 3.25 when I letter Groo.


Lettering is done with Rotring Sketch Pens Medium and Bold tips. I use an ink converter to fill it with my preferred brand of ink. The borders are inked with a 3.5 technical pen.

The word balloons were inked with a Koh-i-noor Art Pen.
Cars Ten wrote:I have a dream: a Stan Sakai Artist's-Edition!

It's not a dream, but it's not exactly an AE.


The foreground figures are inked with an older Koh-i-noor Art Pen with a really flexible tip. The ink is Badger Black Opaque. Unfortunately, the ink was reformulated a few years ago and is nowhere as good as it was. I still have a few bottles of the old formula, and am looking for a new brand.


Perspective lines are drawn in, and background characters and backgrounds are inked using a newer pen with a stiffer nib.


Pencils lines are erased. I use about three Magic Rub erasers per issue, as well as a bottle of ink.


Blacks are spotted in using a Pentel Brush Pen filled with Badger Black, and details added. All finished. :D
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