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Usagi Yojimbo vs Lobster Johnson

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 11:25 +0000
by Lobster Johnson
Ronin Rabbit vs Crustacean Vigilante!
This is a fight that I've wanted to see for as long as I've been reading their respective books. They are very likely my two all-time favorite comic book characters, and I'd love to see them team up sometime.
However, many of the best team ups involve a fight, often based off of a misunderstanding. Naturally, these two heroes would have to brawl at some point. Who would win?
1. Hand to hand only. Both are expert hand to hand fighters, capable of defeating large groups of people at once.
2. Standard equipment; neutral environment with cover. There are places for Usagi to shield himself from gunfire, and places where either combatant could launch a stealthy ambush. Neither character knows the environment beforehand.
3. Standard equipment; 1930s New York. The Lobster's home turf. For this scenario, no bystanders will interfere, although there will still be traffic, etc.
4. Standard equipment; 1600s Japan, in Lord Noriyuki's castle. The castle is entirely deserted so that no one will interfere.
5. They each have a week of prep time, and know the environment beforehand (the environment is neutral and neither knows it better than the other). They are allowed to use others to help them prepare, but others cannot help them fight.
6. They sit and talk. What would they say? What would they talk about?
Each fight is under the circumstances that both characters think the other is trying to kill them and neither will hold back. Also, the fighters start in positions where Lobster can't just simply shoot Usagi as soon as it begins.
I considered the idea of a sword/bladed weapons fight, but, while the Lobster is a skilled sword fighter, he doesn't have enough feats to match Usagi.
Discuss! :)

Re: Usagi Yojimbo vs Lobster Johnson

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 0:14 +0000
by Joesha
Knowing The history of Musashi and how Usagi is based on him, no 4 is in the bag for Usagi. From what I see in UY, Usagi is a witty fighter and has speed. Not to say his heightened senses could pick up lobster in the Castle. Usagi will use his prep time well.

As for No3, it will be tough for Usagi.

Re: Usagi Yojimbo vs Lobster Johnson

PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:36 +0000
by Joesha
I have been reading UY saga book 1. Taking reference from that I believe Usagi will take a majority in this fight. I do not know Lobster, but Usagi in the SHI arc, we see how Usagi used the village to his advantage to defeat the 4 SHI Warriors.

Even when his opponent uses prep time against him, Usagi will be able to hold his own with his quick wits. E.g in RUNAWAYS, when Usagi was with Princess Kinuko and Shingen and the Neko Ninja were tailing them. Usagi was at the disadvantage and totally taken by surprised. But again with quick wits and speed he defeated many Ninjas.

If the fight takes places in 1930s, this I am not sure. Has Usagi ever visited the TMNT earth? If he did than he might have an edge.