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Usagi vs Samurai Jack

This is where the fighting happens, the "Battle Board" where Usagi goes up against his friends, and his enemies, and even his fellow comic book heroes in blazing tournaments of honor and skill, and maybe even a little bit of trickery, because anything can go in the Center Ring!

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Usagi vs Samurai Jack

Postby dhfujii » Mon Dec 05, 2016 14:45 +0000

I wanted to post something here because it hasn't been used in a while and it is such a fun concept.

Depending on the increasing popularity of UY, I would imagine that Screw Attack will probably make a Death Battle between Usagi and Samurai Jack. How do you think it would go down? Admittedly, I watched Samurai Jack routinely as a child but don't know the whole story.

The physics of the UY world and Samurai Jack's world may be slightly different btw. I really think they need to consider such things in Screw Attack. Physics in one reality do not equal physics in another. Thus, there has to be some sort of regulation - which would mean more focus on technique and skill...but then again, inherent freakish traits transcending conventional physics do seem to be regular explanations of superiority in many comics/manga. That's why it's so hard to say x character would beat y character.

Anyway, the UY world I'd say is roughly the same physics as earth - just with different evolution leading to certain features such as increased speed and jumping ability. Which would explain why Usagi is so fast and can jump high (he's a rabbit lol). Although, there are Yokai and magic so it's not completely like earth.

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Re: Usagi vs Samurai Jack

Postby estee » Mon May 27, 2019 17:54 +0000

Jack would win, as his sword is magic, which would give him an advantage. Plus he's fought things that Usagi has never faced before and won.
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