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Tomoe Ame VS Blake Belladonna

This is where the fighting happens, the "Battle Board" where Usagi goes up against his friends, and his enemies, and even his fellow comic book heroes in blazing tournaments of honor and skill, and maybe even a little bit of trickery, because anything can go in the Center Ring!

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Tomoe Ame VS Blake Belladonna

Postby lookatyouhacker » Fri Jun 14, 2019 15:58 +0000

I'm a fan of RWBY and I didn't start reading Usagi Yojimbo until pretty recently. But Tomoe Ame reminds me of Blake Belladonna from RWBY in that they are both catwomen who fight for justice are loyal to their teams and families. Plus, Blake even has her own version of Noriko: Adam Taurus. Maybe I should make a Noriko VS Adam fight in the future

Anyway, who would win a fight between Blake and Tomoe?
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