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Usagi Action Figures

A moderated forum for sharing information and photos of all the cool Usagi Yojimbo merchandise and promotional items which have appeared over the past 30 plus years.....

Re: Usagi Action Figures

Postby Eshbaal » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:12 +0000

Thanks to a friend of mine, I am lucky enough to have both the 2004 figure and a "regular" version of the new one from the upcoming Nickelodeon appearance.

Now we just need that appearance to be a huge hit so Usagi gets more animation and we can get a goddamn Kitsune figure. 'Cause there is NO murder I wouldn't commit to have that.

I wasn't aware there was a Gen figure at all, but then, of course there is. I should get my grubby mitts on that.
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