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Gen Action Figure

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Gen Action Figure

Postby MikeM » Mon Apr 17, 2006 17:02 +0000

I have been looking for a Gen action figure for months! I finally gave up.
So today I'm at Sears doing some shopping for my little nephew's birthday present and I thought, 'why not' and went to look at the TMNT figures. As Im going through all of them, I wasnt expecting much. The very last figure in the very last row, was Gen!
I immediately grabbed it and bought it with all the other toys I was buying for my nephew's 2nd birthday.
As I was paying my fiance walked up and saw Gen. She looked at me and asked, "That's for you isn't it?" I just smiled....because I finally got Gen!

Now I need to find a second one that I can open and display with my Usagi!

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