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Thanks Stan for the Official Use of Usgai's Mon

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Thanks Stan for the Official Use of Usgai's Mon

Postby lwhitehead » Mon Apr 22, 2019 16:46 +0000

Hello I would like to Officially Thank Stan S for allowing me the use of Usagi's Mon and Usagi Name,here I will tell why.

I'm writing a creating a Hard Historical Fantasy setting based on late 17th Century Sengoku era Japan, but with a twist I switched the Races between those from Europe and the Japanese Samurai.

i would right now state I'm not trying to be racist or degrade Japanese history, my take on Japanese people is based on the White Skinned Natives that exist in Japan other then that Samurai Culture and Society are the same including diet.

Blame A Song of Ice and Fire series and HBO's Game of Thrones for this idea, no onto Usagi Clan.

Usagi Clan:

This is the latest Vassal Clan of the Great Clan Ouchi, my Oda clan of my setting.The Daimyo of this Clan is based on the man who wrote the Book of the Five Rings,

So again thank you Stan and for not going to sue me.

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