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Usagi Side-Characters series

General discussion about Usagi Yojimbo, the comics, the stories, the characters, collectibles, TV appearances, Stan Sakai, Space Usagi, Nilson & Hermy, and all other related topics.

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Usagi Side-Characters series

Postby lookatyouhacker » Sun Sep 22, 2019 16:00 +0000

Hi. So, after the upcoming chibi-Usagi thing next year, there is going to be this additional comic book series focusing on Usagi's supporting cast. Because I dedicated a thread on this site to expressing my grievances over Tomoe's painfully prolonged absence from the series, I am going to say that I'm hoping that she'll be the main focus of one of the first few stories in this spin-off series. I have stated a few times on this forum that I think the story about her arranged marriage should happen in this spin-off series, obviously because I don't think it is going to just sit around and wait for Usagi to come back to the Geishu Province before happening. I am convinced that it happened before the Bunraku storyline.

Of course, because the stories will be illustrated by artists other than Stan himself, I think some of them should be illustrated by Tracy Yardley and/or Evan Stanley who illustrated for the comics for a certain other animal hero who recently moved over to IDW. A certain... spiky blue hedgehog if you will.
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