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UYD News

A moderated forum where Stan Sakai and the UYD Shogunate regularly post UY-related news, comic con and signing info, Dojo contest info, and special announcements to UYD Members.

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UYD News

Postby digulla » Tue Oct 01, 2002 15:50 +0000

Hello Everyone,

With quite some pride, I can announce that 210 pages have been converted to the new XML format. Whew. With that all important parts of the Dojo are now much more slick and lean, well, with the exception of the Tomoe Website and UY Bodyguards and the Stan Sakai Dojo -- for these, I'll wait for the OK of the owners (Becky-Chan and Stan) :-)

Now I'm going to optimize the build system, write a checker that will tell me all pages which are still in the old format so I don't have to search for them and a tool which will tell me which pages on the website are unused so I can delete the old cruft.

I've also changed the policy for this group: It's now possible to discuss the news items which are posted here (so you can reply to posts but only the moderators can create new topics). This should be safe and make life much more simple for all of us :-)

Have Fun!
Aaron Digulla a.k.a. Philmann Dark
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