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UY Dojo in french...

PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2006 5:28 +0000
by Fanfan
Steve reminds me that i did not make an official announcement...

In addition to the Usagi Yojimbo Dojo forum and to the UYD polish forum,
i introduce you the UYD french forum

you are all welcome :P

PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 7:31 +0000
by Fanfan
Thanks to my free hoster i lost my database.... fortunately i made time to time dump (backup). UYDFrance Forum is now up (it was not easy), i hope you make time to time dump of database ? it can help...

PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 11:50 +0000
by Fanfan
I am proud to announce you that the new URL for UY Dojo France is : :D

PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2007 14:25 +0000
by Marchino
WOW!!! that page is TERRIFIC!!!!!!! :shock:

PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2007 16:08 +0000
by Fanfan

Thank you !
and i am quite the last UY satellite up with the japanese one : after the german one, the polish one is over... Robweiller posted the news on our french forum recently... perhaps Todd should remove the links of those dead websites.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2007 18:35 +0000
by Marchino
you have a lot of reason!!the German one and the polish one dont works!! :?