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Lots of FIXMEs

PostPosted: Mon Jun 21, 2004 13:39 +0000
by Indiana Usagi
I'm sure you've received uber-reports about this, especially since this site is under construction, but you don't have a link for membership or even signing the guestbook. Just thought you should know.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 21, 2004 15:13 +0000
by ziritrion
I'm one of the "converters" from the old site to the new one (I take care of content, like porting the FAQ and other pages). I haven't updated anything in a long time, but I've been busy since May first with term projects and right now with finals (I have one tomorrow, and the last one is this friday), so once I'm finally done with everything and fixed a couple of things with my university then I'll go back to work. Sorry for taking so long! :oops: .

About more "sophisticated" stuff (guestbook, etc...): I guess that digulla is in charge of that (I'm pretty sure he's busy as well).

PostPosted: Mon Jun 28, 2004 3:16 +0000
by Guest
Lotsa fixmes huh? Well here's one

Lord Hikiji seems to be missing a profile.