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Disabling Private Messages

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Disabling Private Messages

Postby digulla » Sat Nov 16, 2002 12:02 +0000

Todd Shogun wrote:Another request: can we put up something to disable the private message feature by selecting a "yes" or "no". I know we can disable the receiving of messages, but I'd like to be able to disable the feature completely if so desired.

What do you mean? I can disable that all users can send themselves private messages but not on an individual basis.

Has anyone complained about receiving unwanted private messages via the board?

I guess it would be possible to implement this but it would be a few days of work so I won't have a look at it until there is dire need.
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Postby Guest » Mon Nov 18, 2002 8:22 +0000

If it's too much work, don't worry about it. Thing is, I don't want the DojoBoard doubling as a private email service/account either. Most will probably keep it when they sign on, but I wanted to give others the opportunity to disable it if they so desire.

Postby Todd Shogun » Mon Nov 18, 2002 18:47 +0000

By the way that was me in the last post... forgot to Log in!
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Todd Shogun
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