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PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2003 12:40 +0000
by Todd Shogun
Welcome to the UYD's RYAAAA! Marketplace, the UY DojoBoard's official forum for posting WANTED and FOR SALE/TRADE ads for UY-related merchandise. You must also follow the UY DojoBoard's Rules and Guidelines as detailed in the "General Discussion" forum.

Disclaimer - the UYD accepts no responsibility for any selling/trading activity that goes on here. Buyers and sellers post at your own risk. We regularly police this forum to ensure that honor is maintained and that there are no unfair business practices being conducted. However, there are the rare exceptions.

Businesses are allowed to advertise here so long as the advertising is UY-related. No exceptions!

UYD Members are encouraged to sell/trade their extra copies of UY and UY-related comic books to those members in need of the issues. You can also post buy/sell/trade ads for UY toys, resin figures, trade paperbacks, RPG manuals, pins, trading cards, magnets, apparel, and other collectibles. Regarding the sale/trade of Stan Sakai artwork, the following applies:

1) Original covers can be sold at the price you deem appropriate (try to be reasonable though!)
2) Commissioned or portfolio art can be sold so long as the asking price does not exceed 10% of what Stan charged for it or the current rate for Stan Sakai art (whichever is higher).
3) Convention sketches that Stan did for free cannot be sold here -- these can only be traded.

If you do not agree with any of the above rules regarding the sale of Stan Sakai artwork, please go an online auction website to sell your stuff. Thanks!

--The UYD Shogunate