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Visitors to Rabbit Bodyguards- READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!

A place for Dojo Members to post Usagi Yojimbo "Otaku" art and fiction. Display your artistic and/or literary works based on Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo here!

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Visitors to Rabbit Bodyguards- READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!

Postby Becky-Chan » Sat Apr 30, 2005 19:22 +0000

Welcome to the…third…incarnation of Rabbit Bodyguards! This time not only will you be allowed to post your own Fan Art and Fan Fiction but fellow Dojo Members can both comment and give feedback on your works. But before you start posting a few rules, these will be amended and updated as time goes on. Enjoy all!


Art Posting Rules

1) All Art must be PG-13 and under. Let’s keep this clean folks
2) If you cannot host your image on your site please send a Private Message to digulla or Becky-Chan and we can work out details for hosting
3) Please try to keep the sizes of your images reasonable, posts with overly large images will be deleated and the poster will be notified to repost after shrinking the art
4) In your subject line, please state what characters, what media you are using and the artist
Example- “Usagi and Spot; Pencil and Ink By Stan Sakai”

Fan Fiction Rules

1) All stories must be PG-13 and Under
2) In your subject line please state the title of the piece and the Author’s name
3) In the body of the post please state a disclaimer that Usagi and all related characters belong to Stan Sakai ect and any other characters you may use in your story
4) Please format your posts, after paragraph breaks are your friend!
5) Also Spell check and Grammar check are your friends.
6) Please limit the length of your post to no more that 7 pages in Word. If you have a multi part story you can use multiple posts for each part. This rule may be adjusted in the future.

Feedback Rules

1) No flaming
2) No Pure Negative Feedback, if you are going to criticize make it constructive.
3) Note to Posters; Not all feedback is going to be positive, not everyone will adore your work, please remember they are commenting on your work NOT YOU AS A PERSON, please try not to take it personally. If you feel that a commenter has gone too far PM me ASAP and I will deal with it
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