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Usagi's different lifestyles..hehe! By Ceci

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Usagi's different lifestyles..hehe! By Ceci

Postby KairiYojimbo » Mon Oct 30, 2006 0:02 +0000


My best friend and I came up with several wacky ideas on how
Usagi would cope with the different styles of the world...

And some of them made us laugh so hard my cheeks hurt!

So I decided to draw some of them, and they actually looked kinda cool.

If I can say so myself...

I'll scan them and put them here, and you can say what you think about them...

The first thing I drew was Usagi in cowboy clothes....hehe!

Couldn't resist...

I'll post it as soon as I can.

Kairi: It's bunny time!!

Usagi: Kairi... -_-"

Kairi:*giggles* I've always wanted to say that. ^_^
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