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Wilson Hill Interview

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Wilson Hill Interview

Postby Steve Hubbell » Tue Jan 09, 2007 18:17 +0000

OK, this interview is two years old, but I just ran across it.....

http://www.jazmaonline.com/interviews/i ... ?intID=127

Writer of The Black Enchantress

by Paul Dale Roberts - (Posted: 1/12/2005)

Paul Dale Roberts: Tell us something about yourself.

Wilson Hill: Large family. Graduated from Caltech. Did some graduate study at UC San Diego.

Paul Dale Roberts: What was the first comic book you ever read?

Wilson Hill: Probably Action Comics #259. At least, that's the first one I remember.

Paul Dale Roberts: How did the concept of the Black Enchantress come about? I heard she was a role playing character at one time, is this true?

Wilson Hill: A villain was needed to play against Doctor and Lady Arcane, preferably someone who couldn't be casually dismissed. It's hard to dismiss family. And it seemed poetic justice to have the result of one of Doctor Arcane's indiscretions be the cause of a great deal of trouble.

Paul Dale Roberts: Please brief us about Andrea, the Black Enchantress.

Wilson Hill: She's a cute, perky, adorable little mischief-maker who commands Earth's elemental magic. She's also an accomplished enchantress who's fully capable of fashioning complex mystical constructs. Unfortunately, she's also completely self-absorbed, has no sense of morality, and is fully capable of doing whatever she needs to do in order to eliminate anyone who might get in the way of her ultimate goal, which is someday to take control and rule the world. And don't think magic is the only thing she does! She's also a highly skilled martial artist who gets a chance to show her stuff in the upcoming Free Comic Book Day issue of FLARE.

Paul Dale Roberts: Who are the main characters of The Black Enchantress?

Wilson Hill: There's Andrea Avery-Crusoe, the naughty Black Enchantress. There's her butler-cum-assassin, the loyal Sig. There's her daddy, Clinton Avery, the heroic Doctor Arcane. There's her niece, Donnah Hannah, a.k.a. Lady Arcane. Doctor and Lady Arcane aren't there to begin with--they've been missing for a number of years now--but we'll get to them soon enough. We'll also soon be introducing Andrea's voomy maid, Danielle. And there's a whole panoply of wizards, magicians, sorcerers, demons, and stuff out there for the Black Enchantress to deal with. Starting with the second issue of Black Enchantress, we'll also be featuring stories about Andrea's partner in Witchgirls Inc, the occult detective Psyche.

Paul Dale Roberts: What other comic books will be coming out of Heroic Publishing?

Wilson Hill: A new series starring FLARE began in October. You should be able to find the latest issue in your local comic book store. In February, Roy Thomas and Ron Harris's ALTER EGO: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL will be released. The first issue of TALES OF THE CHAMPIONS, starring GIANT and NEMESIS GIRL, is scheduled to appear in June. There are also supposed to be a WITCHGIRLS special and a LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS special sometime this summer.

Paul Dale Roberts: Where can we get information about the title or contact you?

Wilson Hill: http://www.heroicpub.com . Email is good. It will get to me if you send it to whill@heroicpub.com .

Paul Dale Roberts: What comic books do you read now?

Wilson Hill: Very few.

Paul Dale Roberts: What cons will you be attending?

Wilson Hill: Maybe the San Diego convention. Beyond that, barring a specific invitation, there's too much work to do, and I just don't have time enough to set aside numerous weekends for travel.

Paul Dale Roberts: If the Black Enchantress becomes a movie, who should play the character?

Wilson Hill: It's a bit premature for that. If it ever does happen, I doubt that any actress who's currently prominent in the industry would be suitable for the role. You'd need someone young to play the part, which might require casting an unknown. If you want name actors, you'd cast them in other roles.

Paul Dale Roberts: This ends the interview, any last words?

Wilson Hill: Read Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo!

If you made it this far, you now know why I posted it!
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