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Quick Book Review: Lighter Than My Shadow by Katie Green

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Quick Book Review: Lighter Than My Shadow by Katie Green

Postby Maka » Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:02 +0000

Dear UY Dojoers,

I just read Katie Green's book, "Lighter Than My Shadow." It is one of those independent autobiographical comics that is written and illustrated by the author. Katie tells the story of her developing anorexia and binge eating disorder, her difficult journey towards recovery and self-discovery of being enough. It is wonderfully illustrated and you can get a preview of the first 30 pages here: https://lighterthanmyshadow.com/book-excerpt/

Trigger warning: it does cover sexual abuse, the resulting trauma, and difficulty of recovering from that.

In my job as a health educator, I have done disordered eating, eating disorders, and negative body image prevention work for college students. I have also worked with survivors of eating disorders. This book does a great job at showing this fight and struggle is about destructive coping behaviors vs. a food issue. Katie increases the reader's compacity for compassion. The art is beautiful. Katie storytelling in choosing when and when not to use traditional panels delighted me. I highly recommended it.

I read it using the public library app and website www.Hoopladigital.com

Peace, maka
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Re: Quick Book Review: Lighter Than My Shadow by Katie Green

Postby Slashuur » Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:24 +0000

Thanks for sharing, Maka!
I've read the excerpt and it looks great I want to read it all now! The art is beautiful :)
The last pages of the sample remind me of one of my favorite series, Monk :D
⬛ Aldo
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