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Netflix "The Toys that made Us"

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Netflix "The Toys that made Us"

Postby Trevis Woods » Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:44 +0000

Just finished the first episode of this Netflix documentary The Toys that made Us. First episode was Star Wars and it was very interesting! The third and fourth episodes are He-man and G.I. Joe which also look to be really cool. I'll probably skip the second episode...Barbie :lol:
I enjoyed this documentary especially with all the recent Usagi toy posts and talk we have had over the last couple months.
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Trevis Woods
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Re: Netflix "The Toys that made Us"

Postby Eshbaal » Tue Jan 02, 2018 1:37 +0000

Oh, I need to get around to this one. I remember watching the TMNT documentary a little while back, and finding the toy manufacturing part of it all quite fascinating. Granted, I grew up in the nineties, so I actually don't have quite the same nostalgic connection to a lot of these as many do, but the process of toy design and the many very creatively designed shows (even when they were basically glorified commercials) is still quite fascinating.
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