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Lightbox Expo 2019

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Lightbox Expo 2019

Postby jabba359 » Tue Oct 30, 2018 19:53 +0000

This looks like a really cool art expo (or "convention," if you will) that is all about the artists. The "about us" section describes what they're doing and I think it sounds wonderful.

After years of holding workshops around the world, Bobby Chiu and the crew at Schoolism have teamed up with the creator of Emerald City Comic Con, Jim Demonakos, to bring to life an event that truly represented the art community - LightBox Expo!

LBX was conceived as a way to bring together the best artists in animation, illustration, live action and gaming industries under one roof for the ultimate celebration of art. A place where we can come together once a year to hang out, share our art with the public, meet other artists, further our skills and educate those coming up in our respective industries.

The event will be open to everyone on Saturday and Sunday, with Friday reserved for professionals and professional development courses.

To ensure that the artists that attend will be respected and treated fairly as we create a wonderful new experience for the art community, we have put together the LBX Advisory Council, made up of some of the best artists and studio representatives in the business.

As we start on the road of announcing what we're putting together here, we hope you'll join us in September of 2019 for the first annual LightBox Expo!

It's being held in Pasadena, so nearby for us Los Angeles people. While not exactly comic book centered, they have a couple of comic book artists already announced as guests (Mike Mignola, Humberto Ramos). I certainly plan on attending, as it should be a great experience.

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Re: Lightbox Expo 2019

Postby Maka » Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:03 +0000

Very cool. I’ll put this on my calendar. Let’s do it! Peace, maka
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Re: Lightbox Expo 2019

Postby maichan » Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:18 +0000

Wow! Sounds neat! I might have to crawl out of my hidey-hole for this one! :lol:
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