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IDW Ragnarok - Another Problem with Another Title

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IDW Ragnarok - Another Problem with Another Title

Postby maichan » Fri Oct 04, 2019 9:31 +0000

With the recent crossover cover set of Usagi and Ragnarok, I became interested in the Ragnarok title. It looked like something I might like so I hunted down the hardcovers of the first series. Since I had issue 1 of the new series, I figured I'd also continue the series and had #2 on order at the new comic book shop I was using.

20191003_213716 by Michael Foertsch, on Flickr

I picked up my pulls last weekend, and didn't get around to looking at the books until yesterday, when I noticed this...

20191003_214132 by Michael Foertsch, on Flickr

It's not the best of pictures, but if you'll notice, the bottom of the first (and last) 4 pages weren't cut. They are still attached. I guess page sheets are printed that way and then folded and bound and cut, but I don't know in what order that happens... You can see there are perforations along the fold. I called the comic book shop and they weren't aware of any problems, and they didn't have any extra copies left over to compare with. I also tried looking online to see if I could find out if this was a known problem with this issue, but I couldn't find anything, so maybe it's a one of a kind. So I guess I'll just have to try and neatly cut the pages apart. :roll:
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