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Repetition of names (Jiro and Araki)?

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Repetition of names (Jiro and Araki)?

Postby shaxper » Sun May 21, 2006 16:56 +0000

I've recently noted the repetition of the names Jiro and Araki in Usagi Yojimbo and wanted to ask about them.

Araki was the name of the lord that rebelled against Noriyuki's father and also the name of the merchant that Usagi promises to protect in "A Promise in the Snow". Are these two intended to be related and, if so, would the family member of a defeated rebel leader be allowed to maintain such an affluent status? ...or are the two characters completely unrelated?

As for Jiro, this name turns up quite a lot in Usagi. Jiro was a priest at Sanshobo's temple that died defending the document of the eight conspirators, was a villager that fell off of his roof and was healed by preist Hiroshi, and was an enslaved miner that was killed in the Treasure of the Mother of Mountains. Looking back at the dojo list of characters, I see that Jiro was also the name of a character in The Silk Fair. Was "Jiro" a particularly common name in Feudal Japan or is it just one that Stan is fond of using?
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