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Off Usagi topic, but Samurai related. Last Samurai movie

General discussion (non-Usagi Yojimbo related) about all things Japan -- Feudal Japan, Samurai, Ninjas, Anime & Manga, Chambara films, Japanese Pop Culture, Otaku, martial arts, history, sushi, giant robots, Godzilla... anything Japan-related!

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Postby ziritrion » Fri May 23, 2003 5:53 +0000

This is off-topic, but I had to post it. I finally got to see Matrix Reloaded, and it ROCKED!! Well, the rave was pretty pointless, but I enjoyed every bit of it (great fights, especially in the highway, and great plot, neverming what those Cannes critics may say). I can't wait to see it again this weekend :) .
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Postby Todd Shogun » Fri May 23, 2003 11:58 +0000

That's what I don't get... lots of critics gave it mediocre reviews, with some saying it didn't measure up to the first. This is exactly the opposite of how I felt. I agree the dance scene probably didn't come off the way the Wachowski Bros intended.. good try though. All in all I'd give it an A+ and call it the best movie of the year thus far.
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Postby digulla » Tue May 27, 2003 3:30 +0000

I second that. The fights are the best I've ever seen. You can actually see how the combatants try different strategies, defenses and how the prod the other for holes in their defense, mount attacks and counterattacks.

Other fights usually are just brawls where everyone just mindlessly beats everthing that moves. The figthers in Matrix reloaded show some skill, teamwork and brains.

Can't wait to see it in the cinema ...

(I didn't get a ticket before my holidays so I downloaded the movie but watching it at 240*160 pixels eats some of the fun ;-))

I just wished the movie industry finally embraced the idea of video and movie on demand! *sigh*
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