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(SHAMELESS PLUG) Wanna learn Japanese? Here's a great book.

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(SHAMELESS PLUG) Wanna learn Japanese? Here's a great book.

Postby ziritrion » Fri Feb 27, 2004 18:01 +0000

About 3 years ago, Marc Bernabé, a pretty famous manga/anime translator in Spain, wrote a book to learn Japanese. Spain has had a huge explosion of manga and anime for the last 15 years, and there were lots of people interested of learning Japanese so they could read and watch manga and anime in Japanese, as well as play imported videogames. The problem is that there weren't many good learning tools, and the few avaiable were addressed to businessmen, so they didn't focus on many cultural aspects or informal language. So, Marc Bernabé wrote this book ("Japonés en viñetas"), which uses actual manga panels as examples. The book is only 263 pages long (the Spanish version), is divided in 30 lessons covering the most basic points of Japanese. The book is very entertaining to read and you actually learn real Japanese while reading it. In fact, the book was such a success that this last november a 2nd book was released with 60 more lessons. The first book has been translated into English, so if you want to check it out, go to this page and download the first 5 lessons (PDF). This book is probably the best language learning book I've ever seen (I haven't seen that many, though ;) ), and I know many people who are on their way to the official Japanese language exams offered by the Japanese embassy thanks to these two books. Then again, the first book doesn't contain much vocabulary and it only has 160 kanji, but it's a very good starting point anyway :) .

I've also used "Japanese for busy people". It's a great learning book too, although it approaches learning Japanese in a very different way (it's targeted to businessmen).
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