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Cool Samurai graphic novel!

General discussion (non-Usagi Yojimbo related) about all things Japan -- Feudal Japan, Samurai, Ninjas, Anime & Manga, Chambara films, Japanese Pop Culture, Otaku, martial arts, history, sushi, giant robots, Godzilla... anything Japan-related!

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Cool Samurai graphic novel!

Postby Robert Wetherelt » Fri Mar 26, 2004 21:54 +0000

Yo'; I just found this excellent Samurai Graphic novel! It's called "KOGARATSU:The Lotus of Blood". It's by Serge Bosmans and Marc Mitchez. It's from 1987 by Acme Press. The artwork is superb and the story is one of betrayal and revenge in Feudal Japan. It's really cool! If you can find it...pick it up.
Robert Wetherelt
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Robert Wetherelt
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Postby Steve Hubbell » Sat Mar 27, 2004 9:51 +0000

Thanks for the word concerning your find...

I had stumbled onto a couple of web-sites which described the series (sort of), but I was completely unaware of an English language edition of any of the volumes in the series.

Kogaratsu by Bosse and Michetz, has been primarily published in France with something in the area of a dozen volumes to the series. None of the web-sites I found seemed to "translate" very well into English.

There are quite a few scans of covers and interior pages at this web site:
http://www.zeiram.org/bds/_detail_album ... dserie=134

I believe I've already found myself a copy of the English language "Lotus of Blood" edition to order.

a couple more links

Has anyone else read this series?

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Postby Stan Sakai » Sat Mar 27, 2004 17:26 +0000

Kogaratsu is an excellent series. I have the first 9 volumes in French, as well as the b&w English edition of the Lotus of Blood.

Michetz and I had a two person exhibition at the Japan Tower in Brussels about a year and a half ago. I even have a beautiful piece of his original art.

He also did a very short lived series (2 or 3 volumes) called Tako.
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Stan Sakai
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Postby Usagi » Sun Mar 28, 2004 0:32 +0000

:D CooooL another GN!- ^^ Is it like any of "Blade of the Immortal"?- that is great as well with such good pencel work ( The newest volume was released a cuple monthsd back)- I'll have to get in to that one,,Kogaratsu

:shock: Wow ,Stan you meat the Artest !!!??? Sweeet 8)
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Re: Cool Samurai graphic novel!

Postby TigerRider » Wed May 14, 2014 23:52 +0000

KOGARATSU vol.12 in german is published and out in the shops.

I'm a little bit proud to announce that, because I'm a member of a more than 100 peoples group that found together and took the hole publishing-buissines in their own hands. Our goals is to finish comic-series that had been stopped by their publishers (most due to economic thoughts). We do then very small amounts of copies (1000, 1500, or 2500) or what else is realistic for the german speaking comic-market. We do this for a few years now, quite successful.

Our name is Finix-comics (spelled like "Phoenix") I think, you get the point. :wink:

And so it came to KOGARATSU. That series was (in german) already in 3 other publishers hands, and now WE continue it.

(a review in german & some pictures)

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Re: Cool Samurai graphic novel!

Postby Steve Hubbell » Thu May 15, 2014 11:04 +0000

Another cool series which needs a good English translation / publication.....

And Finix sounds like a really awesome group!
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Steve Hubbell
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