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Japanese Foods, Snacks, Drinks

General discussion (non-Usagi Yojimbo related) about all things Japan -- Feudal Japan, Samurai, Ninjas, Anime & Manga, Chambara films, Japanese Pop Culture, Otaku, martial arts, history, sushi, giant robots, Godzilla... anything Japan-related!

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Re: Japanese Foods, Snacks, Drinks

Postby maichan » Mon Dec 30, 2019 10:02 +0000

It seems the Photobucket Yokai have 'relocated' all my PB photos, and PB is being uncooperative right now so I can't access any of the photos in order to fix things. Hopefully I'll be able to go back and do some damage repair soon.

In the meantime, I'm revisiting this thread with some new treats for your viewing pleasure.

Since we just had Christmas, how about some "traditional" Japanese Christmas cake! This is actually a rather new tradition as opposed to something old. It's a flavorful twist on a western style food.

This particular cake is a yellow sponge cake, with a whip cream and strawberry layer inside. It came from a popular Japanese pastry shop located in Gardena, CA.

From Wikipedia:
In Japan, Christmas cakes are traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve. They are simply a sponge cake, frosted with whipped cream, often decorated with strawberries, and usually topped with Christmas chocolates or other seasonal fruits, and a Santa Claus decoration. Christmas cakes of this style were originally released by Fujiya, and was popularized when they began sales at Ginza, the central commercial district in Tokyo. This was during the time when Japan was going through massive waves of Westernization, particularly by the upper elite class. Members of the upper class, who had a strong penchant for Western cultures in general, enjoyed Western style desserts as a delicacy. Thus, being a Western style dessert, Christmas cakes were associated with the idea of Western modernity and social status. Therefore, it was a major hit when the Christmas cakes were commercialized and became more affordable to the general public. Different shapes and styles of Christmas cakes are released across the countless numbers of confectionery stores in the country; the cakes are no longer tied down to the traditional form of round white cakes with strawberries and Santa Claus on top. The Christmas cakes today are symbolized as a ritual of Christmas celebration; specifically, the act of sharing the cake with family or friends.

20191224_202602 by Michael Foertsch, on Flickr

20191224_202654 by Michael Foertsch, on Flickr

IMG_20191225_122538_406 by Michael Foertsch, on Flickr
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