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Video - Ise, Japan. Family business was on TV.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 7:56 +0000
by maichan
My brother-in-law in Japan works for his family's business. They are woodworkers. They are craftsmen making a multitude of items for various shrines and temples throughout Japan. They are located in Ise, Mie Prefecture. Ise was recently in the news because of the G7 summit which was held at Ise-Shima. President Obama and the other delegates visited 伊勢神宮, Ise Jingū (the Ise Grand Shrine), and there were many specials on Japanese TV highlighting the Ise area. A recent Japanese TV show visited Ise and the Grand Shrine, and the episode visited several shops in the area. The Tanaka woodworking business was briefly featured. I'm not Japanese and I'm not directly related to them, but I am proud of their heritage. My nephew is 7 years old, and I hope he decides to continue the family tradition. They've been at it for 18 generations... Please watch the video, you can still enjoy it even though it's all in Japanese. The Tanaka woodworking shop appears just after the 15 minute mark.

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