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The Gallery of Kyle (jabba359)

Show off your original artwork collection here! Create an online gallery and post your Stan Sakai portfolio drawings, original cover art, convention sketches, paintings, commissioned pieces, original pages, and whatever else you may have.

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Re: The Gallery of Kyle (jabba359)

Postby johnsonk513 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 20:50 +0000

Awesome story and awesome piece
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Re: The Gallery of Kyle (jabba359)

Postby Gaffey » Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:42 +0000

Very cool. Such nice people here at the Dojo.
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Re: The Gallery of Kyle (jabba359)

Postby maichan » Thu Apr 26, 2018 21:59 +0000

jabba359 wrote:I wasn't expecting to update my art thread so soon, but this great piece mysteriously showed up at my house recently. :shock: What's funny is that I saw David post this at C2E2 and I was a little jealous, as I had actually considered asking him for a Gen piece before but now somebody had beat me to it. I never imagined that someone must have read my mind (I don't think I've ever mentioned wanting to get a Gen from David) and asked the exact artist for the exact character as a gift to me. So thanks a ton Eltanin! You're the best! :mrgreen:

Wonderful story! Funny comments on Facebook too!
Yes, the dojo and it's members are the best!
Michael, a.k.a., Maichan

My Usagi Collection
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Re: The Gallery of Kyle (jabba359)

Postby jabba359 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 21:26 +0000

Miyamoto Usagi by Derek Laufman
8.5x11 ink and ink wash on art board


This is part of my backer reward for Derek's art book Kickstarter from last year.

Miyamoto Usagi by Brian Hurtt (inks) and Matt Kindt (watercolors)
5x7 ink and watercolor on art board


This is one of my monthly backer rewards for the HEK Studio Patreon account. I blame this on you fellow Dojo members for getting me addicted to Matt Kindt's books (Maka suggested Mind MGMT to me) as well as multiple recommendations for Brian Hurtt's The Sixth Gun, which I'm currently reading (I'm about to start the deluxe edition vol. 4).
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