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thanks stan for angouleme

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thanks stan for angouleme

Postby zog » Thu Mar 02, 2006 1:07 +0000

Hi Stan, Thank you so much for your sketches done at angouleme.
I know it was a while ago but i only now have had time to catch up with comics and stuff.

I am from Australia and angouleme was the end of my european winter holiday! You did a neat sketch of "usagi in france" and also sketched/signed a book. I got a photo too. You seemed a little bit, uh, tired, understandingly as evidently you must not have got your allocated break because as soon as you put down your pen after me you tucked into a big sandwich! So I tried to bother you as little as possible. :D

Angouleme was great, i recommend it wholeheartedly to any comic reader, there is a real culture there of artists taking time to do complex sketches for fans. And there is a great international alternatives section. And comics in the SNOW!! Can't be beat, especially for someone who had never experienced snow until that trip. Unfortunately, an artist i was waiting to see, jeffrey brown, was unable to make the last day because he was snowed in. All part of the experience!
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