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Gallery Rules -- Read this first before posting!

Show off your original artwork collection here! Create an online gallery and post your Stan Sakai portfolio drawings, original cover art, convention sketches, paintings, commissioned pieces, original pages, and whatever else you may have.

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Gallery Rules -- Read this first before posting!

Postby Todd Shogun » Sat Jun 23, 2007 13:07 +0000

Welcome to the Stan Sakai Art Gallery!

Forum members who post here must adhere to the UYD's forum guidelines as well as the following for this forum:

1) Users are allowed to create one topic only. This topic will act as your "gallery" collection of the original art you own. Please do not post more than one topic, as second topics will be deleted immediately.

2) Your gallery must follow the following naming convention:

"The Gallery of [Your Name Here]"

'Your Name Here' must equal either your actual first and last name or your UY DojoBoard username.

3) & 4) <Darth Vader> I am altering the deal, pray I don't alter it any further! </Vader>

In light of our increased membership, and the wider encumbrance of Usagi fandom since these rules were first posted back in 2007, then I'm changing things slightly. Your thread should be primarily for posting pieces by Stan, but work from other artists as long as it is Usagi related, is allowed. Usagi merchandise is also allowed, but please try to keep that to a low level as well, unless it has Stan artwork (eg. sketches etc) on it.

5) When posting your images, take care in not posting very large images which require users to scroll all over the place to see it. If possible, please use thumbnails and link to a larger version in a separate window.

6) If you can't figure out how to post your artwork, there are plenty of image-hosting sites available on the internet. But the UYD will host your artwork free of charge if that's what you'd prefer. Just drop me a PM and we'll get your stuff posted!

7) We recommend that you post once within your Gallery and continue adding your artwork to your first post. This can be done easily using the forum's "Edit" feature (see below) to add or re-arrange your images! If you don't do this, and add new posts every time you obtain another piece of art, some of your gallery art may end up after others' comments instead of appearing first... but it is ultimately up to you how you want your stuff displayed.


8 ) Speaking of which, comments to other's original art pieces are welcomed and encouraged.

9) Lastly...have fun!!!
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Re: Gallery Rules -- Read this first before posting!

Postby Mayhem » Sat Jun 18, 2016 5:49 +0000

Updated rules 3 and 4 here.
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Re: Gallery Rules -- Read this first before posting!

Postby BuckRogers » Mon Jun 20, 2016 5:05 +0000

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