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For those of you unaware, YES, there is a UY Video Game in existence. (Some of this info below courtesy of Ross Harris, a developer of the Sinclair conversion). The original version was the C64 version, done in Australia by Beam Software. London-based Firebird Software bought the game and wanted Sinclair Spectrum and Amstrad CPC versions for the UK ( those being as popular as the C64, the spectrum even more so ).

Source the software house, based in Leeds, England was contracted to do the conversion. It was released by Firebird Software back in 1988. It was officially released only in Europe and Australia, and not in the U.S. Why? Firebird acquired the rights to the UY Video Game and was limited to the British/Australian game market. They have since been bought out by Microprose, but do not intend on ever releasing the game again. Which makes sense because those systems have been long out of production.

Usagi in Retro Gamer 29

Usagi appeared in a really cool article in Retro Gamer #29 about the UY Video Game.

Enter the Rabbit

The UYD acquired a copy of the game, complete in the original case with instructions, from UYD-Shugyosha Matthew Pegg (M.Pegg) of the U.K. Thanks, Matt! I've included a wealth of full-color scans of the game, its instructions, and the case here in this sub-website of the UYD for all UY-Otaku's to check out.

For awesome pics of this cool game, check out the Samurai Warrior Image Gallery!

For an awesome MP4 version of the above YouTube video, check out this download! You can play it with Quicktime.


I finally found the Shareware version of Samurai Warrior: The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo for the Sinclair Spectrum computer system. Fellow UYD-Shugyosha Andrew Cousins tracked down the Commodore 64 version of the Usagi video game. Both of these games are shareware and are available here for down load. I've included different locations to download the game from:

FULL VERSION (DOS) - Just go to DOS and run this one!

SPECTRUM (Location 1) (Location 2)

C64 (Location 1) (Location 2)

Okay, so now you have this game, "Samurai Warrior: The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo." Now I guess you'll want to know how to play it.

Well, that's a little tricky. You see, this game that you just downloaded is not really compatible with DOS, Windows, UNIX, or Macintosh. It's actually a game designed for the Sinclair Spectrum, formerly a popular computer system over in the U.K., but was really nothing big here. An English pal of mine had one and I played Samurai Warrior on it about five years ago. Back then the game was allright, but now, well, it's not so hot. You'll probably have more fun playing Super Mario or even Pac-Man, that is, if you weren't a die-hard Usagi nut like me. It's Usagi on the screen, so ya gotta love it, right? Well, I haven't located a source for a PC version of the game yet so this version will have to do for now.

Okay, so how do you play it if it's not compatible with your system. Well first of all you have to visit and go to the directory pub/sincair/utils/pc and pick out what is known as a "Spectrum Emulator" or simulator of the Spectrum system. There are many versions available, but since I use DOS/WIN, I chose the PC directory. They got one for the MAC I think, but I'm not sure about any other systems. The one I chose is the "Warajevo" which was actually created in Bosnia. Weird, huh? Well, it works... kind of. There are other Emulators, but this is the only one that worked for me. Download it, unzip it into the same directory where you unzipped into, and go to DOS.

On the command line, change to the directory where samuariw.z80 and the Warajevo Emulator are and type this:

c:\zxcomp samuraiw.z80 samuraiw.exe

Then hit enter. A Samurai Warrior executable will be made. Run this and you have now started up Samurai Warrior: The Battle of Usagi Yojimbo snapshot.

I'm not too sure how to set up the controls yet, but if anybody out there can, then please e-mail me ASAP and tell me how. I don't get the switches at all. Anyway, as for the game itself, I think it was co-developed by Paul Kidd, an anthropomorphic fan from Down Under. See the letters column in UY Vol. 1 #30 from Fantagraphics for a little more info on this rather primitive but interesting game.

To download the PC Spectrum emulator, click HERE. This is the one I use.

UY Video Game