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Fan Art & Fiction

From time to time, Stan Sakai's work inspires people to create art on their own, based on UY.

These pages here collect this art and are run by Becky-Chan (or ShadowWing if you prefer).

Have your own work you'd like to submit? Fill out the form to the right!

Okay a few years ago (Feb 1999) I (Becky-Chan) got the brilliant idea of starting a Fan Fiction Archive for Usagi fans, I told Todd (Head of the Usagi Yojimbo Dojo) about my idea and he told me to go with it... a short time later, armed with Paint Shop Pro 5 and a HTML Guidebook, Rabbit Bodyguards was born.

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For those of you new to Usagi, his name "Usagi Yojimbo" translates into "Rabbit Bodyguard", hence the inspiration for the title of this archive. Originally it was a section of my personal site The Aerie, but as my interests drifted I re-named that section after I opened this archive.

I got a few submissions in fan fic but not much, finally in March 2000 Todd-San over at the main site asked if I would take over the fan art as well, again I said yes and now armed with Paint Shop Pro 6 and a better knowledge of HTML I overhauled this site and re-opened it.

In 2004, the old Rabbit Bodyguards site was finally merged seamlessly with the rest of the UYD.